Japanese Sauna

La grange de la guesle cocooning to the sauna

In the garden, you will enjoy a dedicated space.
The 40-minutes session per room, on reservation only, allows you to enjoy peaceful and private moments of well-being and relaxation.

You will be transported by the bird's song and the scent of eucalyptus

The temperature of 60 ° lower than in a Finnish sauna promotes muscle relaxation and the elimination of toxins.

Our menu of detoxifying herbal teas and fresh juices is at your disposal to enjoy this moment of relaxation

Terms of use : – Accessible from 17h to 21h– Booking is required for this activity: a 40 minutes session (including 30 minutes of sauna)– With supplement of €60 for a session for 2 Adults.– Compliance with instructions posted in the sauna.– Use is restricted to persons over 18 years old– Use at your own risk : you should ensure you don’t suffer from any medical contreindications.– The sauna is not suitable for outside temperatures below -5°C


traditional Japanese relaxation with Christine BlareauContact: cbshiatsu78@gmail.com, service provided on site, except Sunday after appointment.